How to Apply Your Chapter 8 Shop Chevron Kit

This quick and easy video guide gives you a step by step explanation of how to to apply your chevron kit from start to finish including what tools you need to apply them.

Here’s how to apply your chevron kit.

Tools required for chevron application

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Cleaning fluid - Avery cleaner is recommended
  • 25 millimetre masking tape
  • Vehicle magnets
  • 4 inch or 100 millimetre felt squeegee or hard squeegee with felt edge

Check all parts are present. Prepare your vehicle, making sure it’s clean and in a suitable environment.

Align all panels with magnets or tape, starting at the bottom of the vehicle with the largest panel working from the centre outwards and check for equal spacing.

Do not start from a corner position. Top or bottom hinge the panel with the masking tape.

Starting at the bottom, remove approximately 100 hundred millimetres of the backing paper. Apply the first section by 25 to 40 millimetres using the correct method and apply each panel with firm pressure.

Entry and Intermediate Grade

For entry and intermediate grade, be sure to wipe away the non-permanent numbers before applying red panels.

Warning! Do not use water to apply the kits, they are all air flow technology, easy to apply and bubble free.

Recheck all panels and edges or corners are firmly applied. Clean the alignment numbers away.

It’s as simple as that.