Road Safety on the School Run

Did you know that in 2018 there were 14,254 casualties as a result of road traffic accidents to children aged 15 and under and of these a horrifying 58% of fatalities were pedestrians?

With over half of children choosing to walk to school, we think it’s important that they are educated to stay safe and are aware of road safety.

One of the biggest problem’s pedestrians face is being ‘invisible’ to the driver’s eye, especially now that it’s darker in the mornings and evenings.

Parents and children should always take steps to remain safe when walking to and from school. Reflective clothing is important to help make others aware of your presence. It allows drivers to take extra caution at night as the car headlights bounce off the reflective material increasing the visibility of the pedestrian. 

Road Safety Awareness Week is in November and we want to help parents and schools educate children on how they can stay safe when walking to and from school.

Before Reflective Strips

After Reflective Strips

How can we educate children about road safety?

Our aim is to make children understand the importance of being seen when visibility is reduced and raise awareness of how we can all become more environmentally savvy.

Did you know, the average drive to school and back creates 800g of CO2, this is released into the air and contributes towards climate change?

We want more parents and children to walk to school, reducing the number of cars on the roads and ultimately producing less pollution, creating a smaller carbon footprint for our future generations.

Our approach to helping save the planet is to produce less waste, which is why we’ve collected our chevron off-cuts and created a Road Safety Awareness pack. School children can get creative with the pack, inventing their own accessories and decorating the clothing they wear on the school run.

Walking, biking or scooting to school is a great way to start the day. Fitting in a daily dose of exercise is not only good for your physical health but great for your mental health too! Like all types of exercise, walking releases ‘feel-good’ endorphins. These are known to boost your mental health, decrease stress and improve your mood.

Breathing in the fresh air on your way to school has many health benefits, including giving you more energy and a sharper mind - ready to face the day ahead.

An additional benefit of walking to school is that you will save money on fuel or public transport - just think how much money you could save and do fun things together as a family!

Road Safety Pack

Our reflective chevron off-cuts can be used on coats, bags or even bikes and helmets! The visibility of our chevrons can range from 400 metres right the way up to our highest grade of 1000 metres.

You can download our activity sheets and read more about road safety here.

Road safety is part of every child’s daily life and they need to be aware of the implications when there is a lack of understanding. There are many elements of road safety to be aware of and we want to highlight the importance of being highly visible.

This supports our mission: #KeepingYouSafeOnTheRoads.

All of our chevrons are manufactured in our UK warehouse by our very our team of experts. We are confident the quality of our products is second to none and that all the chevrons we produce comply with Chapter 8 of the Road Traffic Signs Manual.

For more information about our chevrons, view our video and see the chevrons in production.