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About us

Chapter8Shop is part of Vehicle Livery Solutions Limited company which specialises in the manufacture and fiting of vehicle livery. Vehicle Livery Solutions Ltd is devoted entirely to the production of vehicle livery and has approaching a quarter of a century of experience in vehicle livery manufacture and application to call upon.

Combining a record of impeccable customer service with a constant desire to raise standards, we take great pride in the range of projects that we have undertaken. Our customers include police forces, local authorities, public sector organisations, SME's and PLC's, so no matter how many vehicles you operate, we supply the same high standard of service and quality. VLS have always valued high standards, efficient service and total customer satisfaction; this ethos will also run deep within Chapter8Shop.

We are committed to delivering an exceptional level of service and to always exceeding our client's expectations. Total customer satisfaction and the highest possible quality standards are at the heart of everything that we do. To achieve this we call upon over 19 years of experience in the vehicle livery industry and almost 5 years specialising in the emergency vehicle livery sector. We also partner with some of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of sign making materials and equipment.

To visit Vehicle Livery Solutions website please follow that link