Diamond Grade Vs Premium Plus Chevrons.

A common misconception with vehicle conspicuity is that in order to meet Chapter 8 guidelines, it’s imperative to have diamond grade chevrons. This is not the case.

The Health and Safety at Work act requires all employers to establish and maintain safe systems of work. This relates to Chapter 8 which represents the safety of highway maintenance vehicles through vehicle conspicuity.

Vehicle chevrons related to Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual are requirements in England, Scotland and Wales. Our Premium Plus grade chevrons exceed the legal requirements for Scotland and Wales and ensure your safety on the roads with visibility up to 1000 meters and Class R3B reflective film.

Diamond grade chevrons are only a requirement for emergency service vehicles. 

Vehicle Conspicuity for Emergency Services

With the nature of Emergency Service vehicles and the need for them to be highly visible and quickly recognised in all light conditions, it’s essential for these vehicles to have diamond grade chevrons installed in order to comply with RVLR regulations.

Vehicle Conspicuity for Emergency Services

In 2004, the Police Scientific Branch published guidelines for a high conspicuity livery for police vehicles in order to enhance visibility and recognition of these vehicles. Quickly, other emergency services adopted the battenburg markings as it was found to reduce accidents in relation to the vehicles.

The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations require emergency service vehicles to be equipped with the correct lighting and visible materials.

RVLR require that emergency vehicles should have the following:

  • Retro-reflective markings on the sides of the vehicle. The use of the battenburg colours seen on today’s emergency service vehicles is prohibited for general use and a ‘special order’ is required to use such colours.
  • Blue flashing warning lamps must be fitted to emergency service vehicles.
  • Vehicles specified in The Roads Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 may be fitted with a siren or two-toned horn.

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