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Chapter 8 Traffic Management

Chapter 8 Guidance

What are the Chapter 8 regulations?

The Chapter 8 regulations are codes of practice that are in place to ensure the safety of you and your team when working on roadworks on all highways and roads. All signing and lighting should meet the chapter 8 traffic management regulations.

What is Chapter 8?

Chapter 8 refers to the Department of Transports Traffic Signs Manual, specifically chapter 8 part 2. It details the requirements for traffic management safety measures and signs for road works and temporary situations.

Who created these regulations?

The Chapter 8 regulations were created by the Department of Transport and can be found in the Traffic Signs Manual guide for traffic signs and management. The chapter is split into 3 sections: part 1 (designs), part 2 (operations) and part 3 (update).

What happens if you don't comply to Chapter 8 regulations?

Whilst Chapter 8 markings are not yet legislation in England, these guidelines have been adopted as best practise by most organisations from local authorities to highway maintenance companies.

However, in Scotland and Wales vehicle conspicuity markings are a legal requirement.

As part of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 employers have duties towards both employers and members of the public as such Chapter 8 Shop recommend complying with the guidelines.

When Does My Vehicle Need To Be Chapter 8 Compliant?

If your vehicle is stopping or is in use for work purposes on any highway or high-speed roads, it should be Chapter 8 compliant.

Section 05.2 of Chapter 8 part 2 of the Traffic Signs Manual specifies that in order to be Chapter 8 compliant you should have:

  • High visibility rear chevron markings with upward facing stripes in alternating red and yellow materials. These must measure no less than 150mm in width and no greater than 200mm – as much of the rear of your vehicle must be covered as possible.
  • Maintenance vehicles must have highway or motorway maintenance signs in a non-reflective black material.
  • 50mm side markings made from a yellow micro-prismatic material to apply to the length of the vehicle should the main body of the vehicle used not be in a conspicuous colour.
  • Red retro-reflective strips to mark any leading edges including rear facing edges of doors, guardrails and equipment lockers.
  • For vehicles over 7.5 tonnes, there must also be a directional arrow that incorporates flashing lights to supplement the message to keep left/right and rear marker chevron boards.

You can read Chapter 8 part 2 of the Traffic Signs Manual here.

Van With Chapter 8 Compliant Chevrons

Chapter 8 Chevrons

At Chapter 8 Shop, we supply everything you need to comply with Chapter 8 guidelines including chevrons and related signage for an extensive range of vehicle makes and models and we can even create custom chevrons. Our chevron kits are designed with ease of application in mind, using only the highest quality and durable materials, keeping you safe on the roads.

What Chapter 8 Compliant Markings Are Available?

Chevron Grades

We offer 4 grades of vehicle markings to ensure there is a grade of chevron that suits the roads you and your fleet will be working on.

Entry Grade (engineering)

  • Class 1 – suitable for stopping on highways with passing traffic up to 40mph.
  • Self-Assembly kit form

Intermediate Grade

  • Class 2 (microprismatic) – suitable for stopping on highways with passing traffic up to 50mph+
  • Self-Assembly kit form
  • Visibility up to 750 metres
  • Minimum legal requirement in Scotland and Wales

Premium Grade

  • Class 2 (microprismatic) – suitable for stopping on highways with passing traffic up to 50mph+
  • Ready to install
  • Visibility up to 1,000 metres

Premium Plus Grade

  • RA2 Class 2 (microprismatic)
  • Ready to install
  • Reduced application time by up to 60%
  • Visibility up to 1,000 metres

All Chapter 8 chevrons are supplied with a 2-year guarantee with the option of next working day delivery if purchased before 12pm. Explore our range of Chapter 8 compliant markings or contact us if you require bespoke size chevrons.