Delivery Companies Risking Lives

Delivery Van Poor Visibility

In recent years there has been a huge increase in people shopping online, latest figures estimate sales in 2017 for the UK hit over £67 billion, an increase from £60 billion in 20161.

The increase in sales has led to an increase in delivery drivers on the roads, delivering to properties on busy roads with no parking spaces. Whilst delivery drivers are allowed to park on single and double yellow lines, unless otherwise specified, they often park in a way that causes other road users issues.

Road Safety

More must be done to improve safety standards. Companies, such as supermarkets, require their drivers to wear high-visibility jackets when delivering groceries, but there is little to no concern regarding the visibility of the vehicles. Our question is why are they not doing the same for their vans, which are actually the obstruction and present a greater risk to other drivers.

Delivery vans are typically parked in places where you wouldn’t expect a vehicle. Because of this, we believe they should be compelled to be more visible for the safety of everyone. Simply adding reflective chevrons to the rear of delivery vehicles would dramatically improve visibility in both daylight and at night.

Below is an example of a van with and without safety chevrons with light shining towards the rear of the vehicle:

 Reflective Chevron Effectiveness

Lighting The Way

Some companies have already begun to take the lead on maximising their employee’s and other road user’s safety such as Royal Mail fitting reflective chevrons to their delivery vehicles. Here at Chapter 8 Shop, we believe the time has come for all delivery companies to be more safety conscious and we’d like to see the supermarkets join Royal Mail and encourage other companies to follow suit.

PC Darren Storr, from Humberside Police’s Traffic Management Unit, shared his opinion: “Although it is very difficult to identify whether or not high-visibility chevrons would have any effect on road safety, Humberside Police would welcome any improvements which would increase the visible presence of motor vehicles.”

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