ECE R10 Approved Light Bars & Beacons


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12-24v LED Compact Mini Bar 112 1 Bolt

From €103,95

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12-24v LED Compact Mini Bar 110

From €133,95

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210 Series - LED Beacon Amber

From €88,95

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9-30v LED Compact Mini Bar 111

From €118,95

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12-24v 3w LED Strobe

From €51,95

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9-30v Ultraslim LED Strobe

From €48,95

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12-24v 40 Compact LED SMD Beacon

From €59,95

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12-24v Ultraslim 6 x 5w LED Strobe

From €56,95

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10-30v 6 x 3w Work Spot Lamp

From €37,95

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10-30v 16 x 3w Square Work Flood Lamp

From €53,95

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9-30v 12 LED Corner Strobe

From €88,95

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Our ECE R10 approved lights are a standard requirement for response, recovery and emergency vehicles to maintain a safe environment.

Available as compact LED beacons, LED strobe lights and amber beacons to ensure your vehicle remains visible and can alert company.

We also stock ECE 565 approved light bars and beacons

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Keeping you safe on the road.

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