Benefits of Premium Plus Grade Chevrons

premium plus grade chevrons benefits

We’re revolutionising safety on the roads with our premium plus grade chevrons. A step up from the previous grade, at the same cost with better visibility and easier fitting. Premium Plus Chapter 8 chevrons are suitable for all vehicles stopping on highways including those with passing traffic of 50mph and over making them everything you need and more to be Chapter 8 compliant. You can find out more about Chapter 8 requirements and the benefits of premium plus grade chevrons in this article.

What is Chapter 8?

Chapter 8 is part of the Traffic Signs Manual (Traffic Safety Measures & Signs for Road Works & Temporary Situations), issued by the Department of Transport. The chapter provides guidelines for companies who operate on public highways and outlines the conspicuous markings and rear reflecting markings required on vehicles stopping on high-speed roads.

Chapter 8 Conspicuity Guidelines

  • High visibility markings on the rear
  • Highway maintenance' clearly visible on the vehicle or ‘motorway maintenance’ if working on a motorway
  • A strip of hi-visibility fluorescent yellow retro-reflective material along the side of the vehicle that is at least 50mm wide
  • The high visibility markings need to cover as much of the rear-facing portion of the vehicle as possible without obscuring windows
  • Red retro-reflective tape should be applied to all rear facing edges of open doors, guardrails and equipment lockers

The high visibility markings should be alternate strips of fluorescent orange-red retro-reflective material and non-reflective fluorescent yellow material, each pointing upwards at 45-60 degrees.

Why not take a look at our Chapter 8 Guidance document for more information.

Benefits & Advantages of Premium Plus Grade Chevrons

The key features of the premium plus grade chevrons make it better quality and easier to apply the product and include:

  • 5-year service life – When applied correctly, the premium plus grade chevrons are designed to give you a minimum service life of 5 years.
  • 2 years warranty – All of our chevron kits are supplied with a 2-year warranty.
  • Easier Fitting – as the material is highly flexible, it is easier to apply to your vehicle in less time.
  • Exclusive Airflow technology – reduces the risk of air bubbles and application time by 60%. Chapter 8 are the only company using this technology.
  • Visibility up to 1000 metres – exceeding the visibility requirements set out by Chapter 8 of the Road Traffic signs manual.
  • 50% less vulnerable to edge damage compared to planked alternatives- Metallised vinyl construction prevents edge lift and water getting behind the chevrons in order to prolong the life of the chevron.
  • Ready to install kit - cuts down on application time as pre-applied panels can be fitted directly onto the vehicle straight from the box.
  • Exceeds the minimum requirements set out by the department of transport to ensure you are compliant.
We've put together a handy video on how to apply your chevrons to make it even easier for you!

    Why use Premium Plus Grade Chevrons?

    The main reason to use the premium plus grade chevrons is to ensure you are Chapter 8 compliant and we have explained the benefits of this product above. For Chapter 8 it is also about saving you time, as of course, time is valuable and as the saying goes ‘time equals money’.

    If you want to see just how quick and easy it is to install the Chapter 8 Premium Plus grade chevrons on your vehicle before purchasing, you can claim your free sample here.

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