What Is Airflow Technology?

Chapter 8 are the only company in the UK to feature Airflow technology in their Chevrons. There are many benefits to this unique technology, this article is designed to help you understand them.

Airflow Technology

How Does Airflow Technology Work?

Tiny hatched ridge channels are impressed on the removable backing paper during the manufacturing process, when the vinyl and the backing paper are bonded on the production line the pattern of the airflow is transferred to the adhesive on the vinyl.

When you receive your chevron and apply it to your vehicle using your application squeegee, the application pressure allows air to flow through the channels and out to the edge of the material leaving no trapped air on the adhesive side.

Benefits of Airflow Technology

The three main benefits of airflow technology are:

  • Reduced Risk Of Micro-Bubbles - when applying chevrons, it can be quite difficult to remove air bubbles. These can often appear unsightly and can affect the lifespan of the product as they create lift allowing water, dust and dirt particles to get behind the chevron. The design features of the airflow technology reduce the risk of micro-bubbles for a seamless application of the chevrons to your vehicle.
  • Reduced Application Time – as the airflow technology is designed to reduce micro-bubbles application time is drastically reduced by up to 60% allowing the installer to complete the application in next to no time.
  • Easier Decommissioning - end of life decommissioning made easier, applying a little heat and the chevron will remove clean leaving no glue residue behind. Saving you even more time when it comes to changing your fleet.

Watch our range of videos to find out how to apply your chevrons.

All Chapter 8 Chevrons are supplied with a 2-year guarantee, our specialists are devoted to providing you with the very best quality products and pride ourselves on our impeccable customer service and constant desire to raise standards. If you have any questions about our range of Chapter 8 compliant chevrons please contact us.