Custom Sized Reflective Chevrons

Struggling to find the right size reflective chevrons to fit your vehicle? Custom-sized chevrons are perfect for non-standard requirements, and whether it’s your transit tipper or cherry picker, our range of custom chevrons allows you to find the size that best fits your vehicle. The great news is that we have just extended our range even further and now have more sizes online than ever before.

Our custom chevrons are available in premium plus grade, a Class R3B reflective film that is highly flexible and with a minimum 5-year service life, our chevrons are approved to both ECE 104 Class F and ECE 70 Class 5 with a visibility of up to 1,000 meters.

The reflective performance of retroreflective materials is measured by their retroreflective coefficient, which is categorised into different classes. Class R3B is the highest retroreflective coefficient class, suitable for use on high-speed roads, where speeds exceed 40 mph. Class R2 material may be used on lower-speed roads, where speeds are less than 40 mph. 

Chevrons - Easy Application

Our revolutionary Airflow technology provides three main benefits which are;

  • Reduced Risk Of Micro-Bubbles 
  • Reduced Application Time 
  • Easier Decommissioning  

  • Our custom chevrons are also 50% less vulnerable to edge damage and exceed minimum requirements for both Scotland and Wales. For the best application, check out the range of application equipment we provide. 

    New Chevron Application Service

    However not all customers want to apply the chevrons themselves so in the last month, a new ‘chevron application service’ has been added to our offering, where for an additional fee we will fit your chevrons to your vehicle/s for you. If you are a fleet customer with multiple vehicles, we can arrange to come to your premises and apply the chevrons to your fleet. Get in touch for more information on this new service.

    Chapter 8 Shop is a market leader in Chapter 8 Compliant Vehicle Reflective Chevrons. We design, manufacture and supply vehicle chevrons online for all makes and models, whether for public or trade use. For more information about the Chapter 8 rules and regulations read our guide and discover more about what is Chapter 8 Traffic Management.