Maxus eDeliver 3

The eDeliver 3 is an electric vehicle (EV) designed for urban and short-distance deliveries. It is often praised for its compact size, which allows for easy maneuverability in congested city streets and tight spaces. Despite its small footprint, the eDeliver 3 is designed to offer a significant payload capacity, allowing for the transport of goods and packages efficiently.

As more commercial vehicles transition to electric, at Chapter 8 Shop we strive to be at the forefront to support the need for reflective chevrons for new EV models as they are released.

Therefore we are delighted to announce following more demand that we have now added a chapter 8 rear chevron kit designed to fit Maxus Deliver3 Standard Roof (H1) 2020+.

This chevron kit is available in three types of reflectivity: Entry, Intermediate, and Premium Plus. Made to fit around the manufacturer's logo, lights, and number plate. Chevrons are 150mm in width.

  • Our half kit provides coverage up to the rear window panels. Suitable for all roofs.

  • Our 3 Quarter kit provides coverage excluding the rear window panels. 

  • Our full kit provides coverage including the rear window panels.