Fleet Rebrand Project With Howard Civil Engineering & Brandfix

Howard Civil Engineering, a leading name in the industry, is proud to announce the launch of its newly re-branded fleet of vans. This exciting transformation was made possible through the innovative modular branding technology provided by Brandfixx, a sister company of Chapter 8 Shop. Not only do these branded vehicles make a striking visual impact, but they also contribute significantly to Howard Civil Engineering's commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

By choosing Brandfixx and its unique modular approach to vehicle branding, Howard Civil Engineering has taken a step towards reducing its environmental footprint. Unlike traditional wrapping methods that consume more time and resources, Brandfixx's approach uses 40% less material and significantly reduces application time. This translates to a remarkable 73% reduction in CO2 emissions, as measured and verified by DEFRA metrics, while still ensuring full coverage of the vehicles.

Furthermore, the vans at Howard Civil Engineering have been equipped with premium-grade chevrons from Chapter 8 Shop, enhancing visibility and prioritising safety in all weather conditions. The company remains committed to providing the highest standards of safety for its workforce and the public.

The rebranded vans also boast Euro 6 standard compliance, resulting in an impressive 67% reduction in NOx emissions compared to the previous Euro 5 standard. This commitment to embracing environmentally friendly technologies reinforces Howard Civil Engineering's dedication to sustainable practices.

Jack Thompson, the business development manager at Brandfixx, recently completed the branding process for the Howard Civil Engineering fleet. He highlighted the efficiency of the new technology, emphasising that he and his colleague were able to complete nine vans in just three days. Comparatively, the conventional wrapping method typically requires two fitters an entire day to complete a single van using constant heat gun application. This speaks volumes about the time-saving benefits and remarkable efficiency of Brandfixx's approach.

Expressing his satisfaction with the collaboration, Jack Thompson shared, "It's been a pleasure to work with Michael and the team at Howard Civil Engineering. Ryan, Gavin, and Sophie have been fantastic in terms of finalising the new design and requirements. We are excited to embark on this rebranding journey with Howard Civil Engineering, starting with these nine vans. Completing three vans per day with just two fitters truly demonstrates the efficiency of our product. Each van took an average of only an hour and a half to complete, without the need for heat guns, ensuring sustainable vehicle branding in line with DEFRA metrics. Thank you for choosing Brandfixx!"

Howard Civil Engineering's rebranded fleet signifies their ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship, sustainable practices, and their continuous pursuit of excellence. Stay tuned for further updates as they continue to innovate and lead in their field.