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How to Apply Premium Grade Rear Chevrons

This video covers the application method you should follow when applying Chapter8 Shop Premium Grade Rear Chevrons. Premium Grade contains airflow technology and the red panels are pre-applied in the production stage, meaning you can save up to 50% on application time.

How to apply a rear chevron for Premium Grade


ORACAL© 7510, overlaid with ORALITE© 5600 or 5400 150 millimetre chevrons, with the red placed over yellow in production to make a one-piece chevron.

Here we apply a one-piece chevron that is super-fast to apply and remove, due to the air flow properties of the 7510 RA fluorescent yellow base material and the one-piece manufacture of the kit. 

Here, red 150 millimetre chevrons are pre fitted to the base flow yellow material in the production process, saving time on application. 

ORALITE© 5600 is especially developed for high quality commercial and fleet livery to produce lettering, markings and decorations or chevrons as is shown here.