Why we’ve redesigned our Chapter 8 Shop packaging

chapter 8 shop packagig

 “We’ve simplified and standardised the production process while raising brand awareness at the same time.” Kye Sach, Production Manager. “By discarding the unrecyclable parts of our Chapter 8 Shop packaging, we’ve also joined the movement of making the planet a greener place." 

What makes up the new packaging system?

The packaging has had a total facelift. Now rolled in a bespoke box with our Chapter 8 Shop and Brandfixx logo pre-printed across every package, it promotes brand awareness with a consistent message. The new layout means customers can clearly navigate their way through the products due to the neat labels on the face of its box design.

Switching from a manual approach means customers now have less time to wait between order and arrival as the product can be transported with ease.

The new digitally printed QR code is now placed on all products, directing buyers straight to the website where we provide further details about our products.

This new system significantly improves the user experience, allowing customers to access the website more efficiently to find useful tips, video guides and additional information with ease. By using the QR codes, you have the ability to re-purchase or browse at your fingertips. 

The use of automatic product and shipping labels now enhance the readability, presentability and delivery standards of our business. It speeds up the shipping process and eliminates unnecessary push backs in transit which was a risk with our previous manual labelling method.

As a result of listening to our customers, we have also redesigned the interior of the packaging. By rolling the kit in foam, marks and tears are undoubtedly avoided. We have changed our previous method of using plastic which some found hard to open. Our customers can now get to their product effortlessly and avoid the risk of accidentally cutting the chevron kit, unlike before.

Designed for its durability as well as its sustainability, all elements of the new packaging can now be recycled after use. This additional aspect only adds merit to the main components of the re-design.

Why Chapter 8 Shop? 

All of our chevron kits are manufactured in house, specifically templated to your make and model of vehicle. Not only are our kits designed to offer full vehicle conspicuity, but they allow your fleet to be uniform in design. We have a variety of kits to choose from, from pick-up rear chevron kits to escort vehicle kits, our Chapter 8 Shop design allows you to transform your vehicle in a few fuss-free minutes.

Using airflow technology, our full complaint Chapter 8 chevron kits are renowned and robust, and that’s why our packaging follows suit. We are the only company in the UK to use such bespoke technology, using material that reduces the risk of micro-bubbles which can ruin your chevron’s appearance. 

Sleek, clean and professional, the new packaging represents our brand ethos at Chapter 8 Shop by looking the part as well being even more robust, environmentally sound, and extremely user friendly.

We continue to drive the message forward of a high standard of safety. Whether that be showcased in how we manufacture and sell our chevron kits, to the chevron kits themselves, our focus is keeping you safe on the roads. If you want any advice on how to apply your chevron kit, take a look at our step-by-step video here.